Page? Please?

An elderly lady was wandering around our till point, looking lost. A colleague spots her as well and looks to me since I was closest.

Lady: “Hullo, can you page? My daughter?”

Using the tannoy system is just to do store announcements or contact other members of staff to call certain phones throughout the store, not for finding lost customers in our tiny, two floor store.

I look around the shop, looking for anyone that could be this ladies daughter, no sign of anyone but the odd customer walking around.

Me: “Is she lost? Is she in the store?”

Lady: “Yes.” She does a writing motion and I hand her a slip of paper, she writes her daughters name on it, sounding it out and writing it several times.

Me: “Is she on this floor? You’re sure she’s in this store?”

She shrugs and repeats her daughters name several times

I inwardly sigh and give in. She’s clearly not going to go away at this point and I can’t find her, she must be a child or something and could be anywhere.

I tannoy, asking her daughter to come to the till point.

We wait. Nothing happens.

Me: “How old is she?”

She repeats her daughters name a couple more times, really slowly.

Me: “No, how old is she? How old? Age?” I motion with my hand for height.

Lady: “22.”

I tell the lady to come with me to look around the store, she’s clearly not lost, more likely she’s abandoned her deranged mother for some peace and quiet or the daft old thing’s gone wandering on her own and gotten lost.

We walk to the front of the store to see if she’s been waiting there for her or if she’s outside, nothing.

We hear a call behind us and see a young lady waving to the old woman. She immediately darts off to her daughter, not a word to me, her daughter doesn’t say anything and they walk off to do more shopping.

I get back to the till point, colleague gives me the ‘wtf was that all about look’ and I sigh shaking my head.

They eventually come to the till point to get served, they’re next in queue and I’m serving someone already as is a colleague. I delay finishing my transaction so my colleague would finish hers before me. She calls them over and serve them. Like hell I was going to serve them myself.

In the end, it was found out her daughter was in the fitting room the entire time, trying on clothes and had never heard my awkward tannoy. I had to deal with staff asking me ‘what the hell was that page about’ the rest of the day.

Daft old woman.


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